It was through the Visits to the Glade project that I started to express myself through art. Since then, encouraged by the Creative Sisters, as well as by my loving husband David, who bought me a ‘starter pack’ of art supplies for my 50th birthday, I seem to have opened the door to an outpouring of images! Many of my paintings are inspired by the visions I see whilst connecting with the wonder and energy of the universe in meditation. At any one time, I seem to have a number of images ‘waiting to be downloaded’ onto canvas and I am never sure which I will paint until right at the last minute. And sometimes an image comes form nowhere and ‘jumps the queue’ completely!

When I finish each piece I hang it and gaze at it, sometimes looking at it sideways, often over a period of days and weeks, trying to ‘get used to’ what I have made. It is as if I didn’t create the paintings at all, they just came through me. I have found that my work grows on me the longer I look at it until finally there is a spark of recognition, followed by amazement and joy. I am so surprised by and grateful for my own creations and they are all such fun to make!

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