My approach to wellbeing is spiritual and holistic. I believe that we are all spiritual beings, each choosing our individual paths in life based on our beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world around us. In this way, we are each responsible for how our lives are turning out day by day, moment by moment.

I offer you the opportunity to improve your self-care and self-awareness. Through co-creation, thoughtful enquiry and celebration, my aim is to resource you to become more balanced, resilient and authentic when facing the challenges of life.

My joy is to see you shine in your own unique and wonderful way.

How I work

You have all the answers you need within you. My job is to help you to find those answers.

I offer a range of empowering wellbeing workshops as well as one-to-one personal development.

To find out about my SHINE! well-being activities take a look at my dedicated pages for…

OPERATION SHINE! public and in-house workshops

FIND YOUR SHINE! art workshops and

SHINE! World Song Celebration chanting workshops