Why Shine?

It is my aim to help you decide on your goals and then to set you on the path to achieve them.

My approach to coaching is spiritual (but not religious) and holistic (mind / body / spirit). I believe that we are all spiritual beings, each choosing our individual paths in life based on our beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world around us.  I also believe in the creative law of attraction and that we are all connected, so if you are reading this you’re reading this for a reason.

My work is based on the understanding that each of us is responsible for how our lives are turning out day by day, moment by moment. By acknowledging this and taking charge of our lives we all have the ability to become our authentic selves and to shine in our own absolutely unique and wonderful way.

My aim is to see you shine.

How I work

You have all the answers you need within you. My job is to help you to find those answers.

So whether you need coaching around your personal or professional life, physical health and well-being or you want to explore and develop your spiritual side, I am here to help you.

Introductory session – up to 20 minutes (free of charge)

We’ll meet and have a conversation to find out what your coaching needs are and work out if my approach is right for you. This is the time for you to decide if we ‘connect’ well enough for you to engage me as your coach, and for me to gain an understanding of your coaching needs and work out whether or not I am the best ‘fit’ for you.

One-off sessions, as and when you need them

1 hour 30 mins (£45 or concessionary price*)

This would suit you if you already know what you want to do, but you’d benefit from some encouragement, focus and direction to help you make the next move. My aim in this session would be to help you gain clarity, explore options and motivate you to start making those steps towards your chosen life goal.

Follow-up / In-depth coaching

1 hour every week for 2-6 weeks (£30 per session or concessionary price*)

This would suit you if you are unsure about your goals and chosen direction in life, or if you have multiple goals to work towards and / or more significant barriers to work through. These sessions offer more support and encouragement than can be offered in a One-off session. Or perhaps you may have tried a One-off session and you decide that you would like more coaching. As we will have additional time together, we can look at your personal journey in greater detail and together we can find your pathways to success.

By the end of these sessions I hope to have empowered you to move independently towards your life goals.

What’s included in a coaching session?

Together we will:

  • identify your goals and look at your overall life balance
  • look at the options available to you to achieve your goals
  • explore any barriers that may exist for you to achieve your goals and work out between us how you could get over these
  • consider the above in the context of your overarching personal spiritual journey
  • make a plan for you to take away with you to help you keep on track and independently put your plan into practice

*concessionary price is available for students, individuals receiving benefits, low income earners and pensioners with low savings. Price per session to be agreed at initial meeting.

Spiritual approach

Holistic – mind, body and spirit

Individual – centred on your unique journey

No nonsense – open and honest conversations

Equality – we are equal partners