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We can often experience the ups and downs of life as stressful. Many of us also care for others, at home, at work and in the community. Sometimes we think so much about the health and wellbeing of others, that we forget or feel unable to take care of ourselves. We take on too much, and then we experience feelings of exhaustion, frustration, powerlessness and overwhelm. The stress of our day-to-day lives is affecting our physical and mental health as well as our relationships.

So now it’s time for a change.  Time to take responsibility for your own health and happiness. Time for you to SHINE!

OPERATION SHINE! was born out of my own learning and experience whilst working in the voluntary sector, my personal self-development journey and my recent training as a Spiritual Companion with William Bloom and the Spiritual Companions Trust.

In this interactive and experiential workshop we look at the science of stress and how it affects our physical and mental health. I then share with you my Top 10 tried and tested personal well-being strategies – unveiling my top tips to bring you into a place of ease, improve your resilience and enable you to really shine at work, at home and just everywhere you go! You will leave feeling boosted and empowered, more able to self-manage and better equipped to take responsibility for your own self-care.

Read more about the origins of OPERATION SHINE! in my blog, Celebrating the Shine!

Workshop duration: 2½ – 3 hours

Inhouse workshops for groups can be split into two or three sessions as required.

What participants have said about OPERATION SHINE!…

“Excellent. Good balance of science and self-care techniques.”

“Amazing! Thank you so much for giving us permission to prioritise our own needs in a time when we are being so squeezed left right and centre.”

“Great workshop. I feel the benefits already.”

“Brilliant workshop. Things were explained very well.”

“A really good workshop, well run and a nice fresh approach.”

“I did not enter the space with hopes – I leave with hopes for my relationship with myself.”


Public OPERATION SHINE! workshops


Next public workshops:

Next public workshop: in collaboration with Hastings-based charity, Women’s Rock, on Wednesday 27th June, 1-4pm – more details to be announced soon.

Sunday August 26th 2018: SHINE Wellbeing Retreat  – a day of self-care and nurturing at The Well Being Centre, Stone Cross.  Investment £65. More details…


Inhouse OPERATION SHINE! workshops for groups

I am also working with public, charity, community sector and other organisations in East Sussex to deliver OPERATION SHINE! in-house to their staff, volunteers and clients. If you would like a quotation for OPERATION SHINE! to be delivered to your team and / or your clients at your chosen location please get in touch. And come along to one of the public workshops to see if OPERATION SHINE! suits your needs.

Download the OPERATION SHINE! inhouse workshop flyer


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