Visits to the Glade was born when I felt compelled, at the beginning of 2015, to write about some of the experiences that I had been having during meditation, whilst dreaming and during therapy with my counsellor. I decided to share my writing with eight women artist friends, setting off a series of magical events and the creation of a unique artistic collaboration based on my writing. In September 2015 we had our first Visits to the Glade exhibition together as the Creative Sisters, to celebrate what we had made together with our friends and family. And then the whole Visits to the Glade experience – the writings, the artwork and the Creative Sisters collaboration was brought together in a book of the same name.

From the book’s back cover:

‘Enchanting and compelling, Visits to the Glade is an account of ten profound and magical soul encounters – mystical revelations that went on to inspire a unique artistic collaboration between nine women.

Beautifully crafted and yet so simple and clear, these Glade experiences shine a light on some of life’s universal themes. They offer us deep insights into coping with uncertainty, fear, loss and death. They explore issues of self-esteem and forgiveness and they delve into concepts of multidimensional existence and past life connections. At its heart, Visits to the Glade absolutely resounds with warmth, love and acceptance.

A delight to read. An inimitable experience.’

“Inspiring and heart-warming, these words and images are a wonderful reminder of how people can work creatively together. Full of magic and nature. Highly recommended.” 

William Bloom, holistic educator and author of the Power of Modern Spirituality and The Endorphin Effect’

Cover artwork by Jennifer Binnie, one of the Creative Sisters.

Visits to the Glade promotional video

Visits to the Glade is available direct from Brenda, from the Yoga-Life Studio in Eastbourne or online from Amazon.

Beyond the Gladea new artwork exhibition from the Creative Sisters!